You may have heard from your gym trainer, or professionals that bulking is best during winter rather than summers. Have you thought why this logic is in the mindset of people?
There are many controversies behind Bulking during which season is best. To be very frank and in general, since bulking is good during Winter. You may wonder why? So, let’s start discussing the important features of bulking during the winter season.

a) During Winters, you are less likely to go out because of the cold climate and therefore consume more food to boost the body with excess calories which tremendously increases your muscle tissue extensively.

b) You get maximum recovery time which is most crucial to attaining a bulking physique. Due to that cold climate, we generally stay indoors and enjoy a good sleep which enhances complete recovery.

  • What kind of training pattern is to be followed during Winters?

A heavy training schedule consisting of fewer reps with more sets is to be carried out so that you trigger more muscle mass. As you already know heavy workout releases the body.

  • What will be your diet in the winter season?

Consume enough protein-rich foods in your dietary lifestyle per pound of your ideal body weight. Ensure that Carbohydrates and fats are split inadequate ratio too. Make sure fats come from healthy sources such as fish, dried fruits, and other healthy alternatives.


Day 1 – Back (Rhomboids, Trapezius, latissimus dorsi)

Bent over row 5 × 6
Tbar row 5 × 6
Deadlift 5 × 6

Day 2 – Chest (Minor and major pectoralis)

5 x 6 Bench Press
5 x 6 incline dumbell press
5 × 6 decline dumbell flys

Day 3 – Legs (Quadriceps, Hamstrings)

Barbell Squat 5 × 8
Leg Extension 5 × 8
Dumbell Lunges 5 × 8

Day 4 – Arms And Shoulders

5 x 8 Standing Military Press
5 x 8 EZ Bar Bicep Curls
5 x 8 Behind The Neck dumbell extension
5 x 8 Weighted Chin-Ups

Above mentioned workout split should be followed 4 times a week up to 8 training months routine. A good combination of diet and workout is all you need to pack on some serious Muscles and gain size.

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